About Us

Welcome to SKOLA

At SKOLA we have been providing education for children, adults and families for over 40 years.

We place our students at the heart of our thinking as we help them settle into their new surroundings. Our range of courses gives students great freedom of choice as they develop their own sense of identity and the confidence to achieve more than they thought possible.

Schools should be a safe place in which to learn. Each student should be challenged at the right time according to his or her learning journey. The expertise our teachers have comes from rigorous training and experience. This equips them with the power to create the lessons each student needs for the best possible educational outcomes.

Please contact us for any guidance you need on choosing the right course for you or your family.

This may be your first experience with SKOLA but we hope this will be the beginning of many more.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our schools very soon!

Joe Waterhouse
Director, SKOLA English in London


Andrew Darke
Principal, SKOLA English in Exeter

Our Mission

SKOLA has been at the forefront of education in English for over 40 years and our goal is to provide the highest possible quality tuition to our international body of students.

Our Values

Our values are rooted in celebrating diversity and the wide variety of educational opportunities this affords within a structured, caring and environmentally literate framework.

Our Culture

We are a friendly, internationally minded organisation, open and supportive of new ideas from our staff, parents and students, business clients and suppliers.

Our History

The founders of SKOLA, Niels Toettcher and Ann Alexander, began teaching English to adults over 40 years ago, when they founded the Marble Arch Intensive English School in Central London. The International Community School was set up in 1979 and Alexanders International School in 1981 and Newland College in 2015 to teach children English within a full curriculum International School.

Today SKOLA focuses on English languages courses for all the family including children from 6 years old all year round, course for parents, courses for adults and a choice of summer programmes.

Our Central London centres next to Regent's Park offer programmes for parents and children. Outside London we have an English language school in Exeter. See below for more details:

SKOLA English in London (incorporating SKOLA English Study Tours)

SKOLA English in London offers a range of English language courses in central London for individuals and groups of International students 6-17 years old. For children our Camden centre offers courses all year and in summer courses take place at Gloucester Gate.

Parents study at SKOLA Baker Street during the summer and the rest of the year teaching is provided by our partner school nearby.

SKOLA English in Exeter

SKOLA English in Exeter offers adult students a taste of traditional England in beautiful picturesque surroundings. Students can choose General EnglishIELTS, amongst its course, with the added option of residential accommodation in the summer. We also offer junior residential and homestay programmes in summer and parent and child summer options.

List of Companies that form SKOLA

Marble Arch International School Ltd.
SKOLA English in Exeter is a trading name of Marble Arch International School Ltd. 
Registration Number: 1396224 
Registered Office: 42 Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 6AE

Progressive Tours Ltd. 
SKOLA English in London, SKOLA Teacher Training and SKOLA English Study Tours are trading names of Progressive Tours Ltd.
Registration Number: 00450807 
Registered Office: 27 Delancey Street, NW1 7RX