SKOLA Accommodation & Welfare

Junior Accommodation & Welfare

After decades of running junior English courses, we know that the best learning environments are also the safest. All our staff are trained in student welfare and our facilities have all been designed with the age group we use them for in mind. We call this safeguarding for better learning, and it is a core SKOLA principle.

We offer both residential and non-residential courses. Where our courses are non-residential, we can offer students aged 11 to 18 homestay accommodation.

For more information please visit the Junior Accommodation & Welfare page.

Adult Accommodation & Welfare

The school  accommodation officer or accommodation agency inspect all homestay accommodation before placing a student in the home. We choose hosts for the warmth of their welcome and how well they look after our students. The distance you travel to school depends on the accommodation type you choose, which city, and the time of year. In London it is usually at least 30 minutes. We try not to place students more than 60 minutes' travel from school.

It is essential that you inform us of any special requests for your homestay (allergies, diet, pets) at the time of booking and we will do our best to match your requirements.

For more information please visit the Adult Accommodation & Welfare page.


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