SKOLA Junior Accommodation, Welfare & Transport


After decades of running junior English courses, we know that the best learning environments are also the safest. All our staff are trained in student welfare and our facilities have all been designed with the age group we use them for in mind. We call this safeguarding for better learning, and it is a core SKOLA principle.

In London we offer homestay accommodation for children and adults and we can suggest hotel options for families. In Exeter we provide residential and homestay options for juniors in the summer and for adults we provide homestay all year and a choice of residence and student house in summer.

London Homestay Accommodation

The minimum age for unaccompanied children in homestay is 11 years old. All our homestay hosts are selected by partner accommodation agencies specialised in providing suitable and appropriate accommodation for children. Hosts are chosen only after a strict application process, inspection and police checks. A safe, caring and clean home is more important than a location close to the schools. Generally homes are in London travel zones 2 and 3, with an average journey of 30- 45 minutes to school on public transport, which can be up to 60 minutes in busy periods.

Hosts speak English in the home. Hosts can be born in any country or be of any ethnic origin. Junior homestay accommodation includes breakfast and evening meal every day and lunch or packed lunch at weekends. Weekday lunches are included in course fees and provided at school.

Parent and Child Homestay Accommodation

Parents are responsible for their own children outside school hours and in the accommodation. This means the parent is also responsible for the child travelling to and from school and when they arrive home from school. If the child has been booked onto our mini-bus service the parent must be at home to greet them in the afternoon. Parent and child homestay includes breakfast and evening meal every day. Weekend lunch is not included. Homes are normally in London travel zones 2-3 but can also be in zone 4 from June to August.


Welfare in Homestay Accommodation

Parents, children and hosts are provided with 24 hour contact telephone numbers for the accommodation agencies and the schools. SKOLA has a dedicated staff member to assist you or your child with any problems or questions regarding accommodation. Children are asked regularly during their stay about their accommodation, the food and their happiness with the arrangements. All their feedback is read and followed up if necessary and feedback on hosts is recorded and monitored.

The minimum age for unaccompanied children in homestay is 11 years old. Unaccompanied children younger than 14 years must use the school bus service.

Welfare in Residential Accommodation

The students and their welfare are our main priority. We maintain very close supervision of students at all times, to ensure their safety and well-being and that they obtain the maximum benefit from their course.

Our 24 hour emergency telephone numbers are issued to students and their parents as part of the Information Pack. A member of staff can be contacted at any time should students encounter any problem or difficulty. Medical support is always available, with First Aid trained staff on site. The school procedures – which the students are expected to follow - are explained to the students during the induction session on the first morning.


School Minibus Service in London

For peace of mind, safety and convenience you can choose the SKOLA school minibus service for your child. You can authorise a child aged 14-17 to travel on public transport, or choose the school bus service. Children under 14 cannot travel alone to school and must use the bus service or come and go with an adult. The bus service is not available for adults. It must be requested and paid for in advance. The bus service aims for a maximum journey time of 45 minutes to or from school. In busy periods this can be up to 60 minutes.

Minibus Pick Up Zones

Minibus Pickup Zones Map