The best places for your child to study English this summer

It will come as no surprise that the best way to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself in the native language and culture. Therefore, when it comes to your child learning English, the most effective way is for them to complete a formal programme of study in England whilst mixing with local English speakers.

This can be achieved by attending one of the below language schools. There are a choice of locations with different attractions and facilities to suit all ages and requirements.

Why study English in London?

Of all the places your child could study English this summer, London offers the richest and most varied experience. Some of the best museums and art galleries in the world, as well as numerous historical sites, are all within easy reach. SKOLA provides excursions as part of many of the courses. Have a look below to see what’s included.

Whilst your child is in London, he or she should try to enjoy some of the following:

  • a London show
  • a boat trip along the Thames during the day, and at night, to see sights such as the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
  • a trip on the London Eye to see the city from above
  • visits to some of its many museums including the Natural History Museum, British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Modern
  • Buckingham Palace – during the summer you can tour the 19 State Rooms, which form the heart of the palace and watch the historic Changing the Guard ceremony
  • Covent Garden, for entertaining street performers and great food
  • Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral

Details of courses offered

All of the SKOLA teachers are language specialists with proven experience of teaching children. The range of summer courses offered for children are as follows:

English for Education

This summer school operates throughout June, July and August. Fun activities are used to develop your child’s English and this course includes coverage of other academic subjects in English.

Your child will complete projects such as ‘Discover London’ and ‘Past and Present’. This course also includes visits to a variety of museums, galleries and other historical sites.

There is also an afternoon of organised sport each week, giving your child a well-earned break from academic study.

Parent & Child

This course is designed to enable you to study English with your child. These courses are offered in central London which makes them very accessible.

Young English Studies Course

This programme is aimed at 10-17 year olds and includes 15 hours per week of English lessons in international classes of up to 15 students. This is a full-day course with English lessons in the morning and a varied programme of fun and educational activities in the afternoon.

There is also some time for relaxation with organised parties and Saturday excursions to a variety of different places such as Brighton, Canterbury and Oxford.

The school provides a healthy snack in the morning and a hot lunch each day.

English Study Club

This course is aimed at 8-10 year olds and is specially designed to teach English to younger children. Lessons are activity-based and exciting to engage the younger audience over 18 hours per week. Class sizes are a maximum of 15 students and play breaks are given as appropriate depending on the age of the children.

English Plus

This programme includes 15 hours of English tuition per week plus 6-9 hours studying a chosen option. The options include the following - please note that some options are only available at a particular school:

  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Horseriding
  • Sailing
  • Multi-activities

The maximum class size is 15-16 students and residential accommodation is included.

Why should your child study at SKOLA Regent’s Park?

This school is in a great location in the heart of central London close to York Gate in Regent’s Park and Madame Tussauds.

The annex for 8-9 year old students is just 5 minutes away. Class size is a maximum of 18 students and lunch is served in the school canteen Monday to Friday.

Your children can play in the outdoor activity area and the school minibus service can provide a door-to-door service within the minibus zone.

Courses available at Regent’s Park are:

  • English for Education
  • Parent & Child

Why should your child study at SKOLA Hyde Park?

This school is located between Paddington and Oxford Street in central London. The maximum class size is 16 students and lunch is provided in the school canteen Monday to Friday. This school benefits from 13 classrooms including a scientific laboratory, computer room and library amongst other things. There is also a sports hall located a few minutes walk from the school.

The programmes available here include weekly excursions into London to see a mixture of sights and places of cultural or historical interest.

Accommodation is available in our London residence or with Homestay. Airport transfers can also be arranged for your child and a door-to-door minibus service is available within the minibus zone.

Courses available at Hyde Park are:

  • English for Education
  • Parent & Child

Why should your child study at SKOLA Gloucester Gate?

This school overlooks Regent’s Park, close to London Zoo. The school building is a piece of history itself, forming part of the royal estate and built in the regency style of architecture which was popular in the early 19th century.

Classes are run for 7-9 year olds and 10-17 year olds. All of the programmes include English studies and also sightseeing, cultural and social activities appropriate to the age group of the students. Physical exercise is also part of the curriculum here to help balance your child’s academic studies.

Homestay accommodation can be provided for your child together with airport transfers and a school bus service.

Courses available at Gloucester Gate are:

  • Young English Studies
  • English Study Club
  • Parent & Child

Why should your child study at SKOLA Ascot?

Ascot is located just 30 miles away from London and 15 miles from Heathrow Airport, and is where the world-famous Ascot Racecourse can be found.

Class sizes are a maximum of 16 students and the school provides full board residential accommodation. There is a Head of House providing supervision 24 hours a day for the dormitories which house 2 to 6 pupils. This school mixes the nationalities of the children sharing a room to encourage them to speak English as much as possible.

There are excellent facilities including tennis courts, swimming pool, theatre, dance studio, art centre and computer room amongst other things. On Tuesdays your child can go on London study trips and there are also sightseeing and shopping excursions into London every Friday.

Courses available at SKOLA Ascot are:

  • English Plus

Why should your child study at SKOLA Newland College?

This school campus is situated in beautiful woodland in the Chiltern Hills on the Newland Park Estate. It’s only 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport and a 45 minute journey from London. Airport transfers are available for your child upon request.

Class sizes are a maximum of 15 students and full-board residential accommodation is provided. Each accommodation block has a Head of House providing 24 hour supervision and there is also a weekly laundry service.

There are lots of leisure facilities including tennis courts, sports hall, theatre, arts centre and computer room. A London study trip runs every Thursday and a London tourist trip plus shopping every Sunday.

Courses available at Newland College are:

  • English Plus

Why should your child study at SKOLA Bawdsey?

This school has been running summer courses in English for over 20 years. It’s located on the Suffolk Heritage Coast, 2 hours from London and 30 minutes from Ipswich.

Full board residential accommodation is included and up to 4 children share a room. There is a Head of House providing 24 hour supervision and assistance. Nationalities are mixed so as to encourage all of the students to converse in English as much as possible.

There are extensive leisure facilities available at Bawdsey including a watersports sailing centre as well as tennis courts, sports hall, sports field, arts centre and computer room. A twice-weekly laundry service is also provided. Excursions into London run every Wednesday and study trips to other towns take place every Saturday.

Courses available at Bawdsey are:

  • English Plus

Whichever of these schools you select, you can be sure that your child will be well looked after and receive an extremely high standard of English tuition. The mix of academic studies and cultural and leisure pursuits mean that your child will enjoy their summer whilst also improving their English.


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