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Primary qualified native English teacher with 6 years' exp.

My name is Refina. I gained my Trinity CertTESOL qualification in 2011. I have 6 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language to young learners and adults from all around the world.
I also have experience teaching cross-curricular subjects in primary schools in England, as I am a qualified teacher with a BA degree in Primary Education from Durham University.
I enjoy using stories and picture book in my English lessons with young learners to engage, motivate and develop skills and vocabulary.

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Samantha Kite


Refina is really helping my son to learn GCSE Biology and Physics.He is learning a lot and we highly recommend Refina.She is very knowledgeable and an excellent tutor.

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Ian mum


Ian has attended Refina’s class almost a year. He enjoyed the lessons every week. He is still too shy to express himself . Look forwards he will speak loud with confidence.

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Our 5 years old daughter learns English with Refina since last year. We are happy about her, as she is really sweet and patient with our small child, and in the same time we do see a big progress, we've started from "0". Further we go, more happy is our daughter to have lessons with Refina. Thank you Refina!

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Refina is an excellent teacher, makes lesson enjoyable and we have seen a great progress in my daughter's school lessons. Highly recommended !

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Isabelle Datsira


Refina is an amazing teacher. My 7 year old boy enjoys so much his English lessons ! He is very confident with Refina. He knows that his lesson will be good fun and he can’t wait for it every week.

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Refina is a great teacher. She is very good at explaining and she is never boring. She teaches my daughter for more than 4 months and as I see she enjoys all the time during their lessons.

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Refina is a very good teacher with very good communication skills. My 7 years old son started to read English books in 2 months. Thank u Refina!

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My 7-year-old son has been having online Maths classes with Refina. He enjoys his classes very much with Refina, who is kind, patient, and encouraging! Refina is good at explaining Maths problems with interesting examples, which makes the learning more effective. Fantastic learning experience!

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