Fun, Native English teacher with 28 years' experience

My name is Lesley and I was born in Wales. I have a B.A.Hons 2.1 in Education. I have been a teacher of English and modern foreign languages for 29 years in the U.K., Germany and Spain. I now live on the Spanish Costa Blanca. I have purchased fabulous online books from Cambridge Bookshelf for English as a foreign Language for levels A1- C1 . My goal is to help my students develop and improve their skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in English as a second language. I also prepare my students for the Cambridge First Exams and IELTS and I am an official English examiner for Telc GmbH , Germany.
I am a patient teacher with such a wealth of experience.

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My son has been taking lessons with Lesley. Lesley is a professional teacher with an extensive teaching experience. She carefully plans her lessons which are adjusted as per the needs of a child. Her lessons have very good balance of grammar, reading and listening exercises. Lesley possesses a great variety of teaching materials and vary the lesson content each week so that a child doesn’t not get bored. My son’s favourite exercise is when they read a beginning of a story and then Lesley asks him to compose a continuation of it. It is a fun and great learning exercise, allowing a child to use imagination and practice English. After each lesson Lesley sends us a summary of what have been learned so that we can see the progress and repeat the material. I’d recommend Lesley to children- English learners.



Lesley is a professional teacher. She plans the lessons according to our needs. I am very impressed by the lesson on creative writing that she had with my daughter last time. My daughter benefits a lot! I am confident that my daughter will have great improvement with Ms Lesley’ s guidance.



She is good teacher with good experience.

Diaa Shaheen


Lesley Judd is a highly qualified Teacher that we are so lucky to have... she knows how to keep my child interested and active in her lessons to keep him engaged... she prepares lesson plans that teaches my son the skills he needs in the shortest possible time...She is that expert teacher that knows how to keep it simple...

Raima Mohammed


I'm very happy to did this experience with Lesley. She was patient and good teacher and she was collaborator with me and she was also supporting me to be better, and I'm very happy that I was with her and I'm going to tell my friends about her and about my experience with her. Thank you very much. Lesley



My 7 years old son loves having lessons with her. She is amazing with him and she catches his attention in an extraordinary way. Moreover, during the lessons she shares with him many materials that she makes him read and work on, and she engages him to speak a lot; after lesson she sends him what they worked on together, for reviewing all it later, if he wants. We are very thankful to Lesley for what she is doing in order to maximize my son's learning. She is really super😊: my son and we as parents are all very satisfied!



Hi, Lesley, my daughter is aged 6, speaks a bit of English, and she is learning phonics at the moment, wondering will you be ok to take her to improve her English in general



Lesley is a great teacher. She is patient, friendly, and cheerful.
I am learning business related English, including very useful vocabulary and expressions from her.
I am glad that I have met such a good English teacher.