School groups for children
from 10 to 16 years old

Traveling with a group (min 10 students) can be a cost-effective way to see London and learn some English. Below are the three options for schools with examples. 

£109 per student per day for all-inclusive which includes full-day course, shared homestay (usually twins), airport transfers and transport to school (either our car service or oyster cards)

£69 per student per day for the full-day course which includes 15hrs of English and then either 6 hrs of English during the academic year or 6hrs of Sports and Activities during the summer school, plus two discover London excursions. If you choose to cover a Saturday, we can also arrange a full-day excursion.

£44 per student per day for the half-day course which includes 15hrs of English from 9:00 - 12:20, Monday - Friday. You can add lunch for £7 per day and are free to create your own excursion programme and source your own accommodation. 

e.g. 1: 5 days all-inclusive between September and May: £109 per day per student = £545 per student

1. Arrival on Monday: transfer to the school for testing and afternoon classes. Transport to homestay with half board.

2. Full-day academic year course:

  • Door to door car service to school and back

  • 21 hours of English classes

  • Supervised lunch in a restaurant.

  • 2 half-day excursions in London

3. Friday night departure after school: transfer to the airport

e.g. 2:  8 days all-inclusive in June, July or August: £109 per day per student = £872 per student

1. Arrival on Sunday: transfer to the family home with half board

2. Full-day summer course

  • Door to door car service to school and back

  • 15 hours of English classes

  • 3 afternoons of sport, activities and celebrations

  • Lunch in the school

  • 2 half-day excursions in London

  • Saturday Full day Discover England excursion

3. Sunday departure: transfer to the airport

1 group leader 8-14, 2 group leaders for group size 15-30. Group leaders Homestay: £32 per night. Airport transfers for group leaders are included.

Discover London

Students in our full-day course have two Discover London excursions every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We prepare the students the afternoon before for the trip. Students learn English in relation to a world class place that gives them an idea of London as a historic city. School groups can fit in with our program or request specific places. You can also request more excursions as part of your trip.

Discover London.JPG

The venues include Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum, Covent Garden, RAF Museum, Museum of London, Museum of Docklands, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, National Gallery, Walking tour Buckingham Palace, London Transport Museum, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Thames River Cruise, Hampstead Heath & Kenwood House, Royal Court of Justice, Greenwich, Winter Wonderland and the Geffrye Museum.