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SKOLA Services

Find information regarding your time in London outside the classroom.


We have many accommodation options (which must be combined with our 6-full-day course), a door-to-door minibus service and airport transfers from all terminals. 

We recommend booking accommodation at least two months before travelling. Homestay options are offered by two accommodation agencies. For details of our residence, go to

Junior Homestay

Comfortable beds in our homestay

For children aged 12 years or more travelling alone we arrange homestay accommodation through two agencies registered with the British Council. We also have limited availability of homestay accommodation for parents with children. Families who wish to look for apartment or hotel accommodation should contact us. Homestays are up to 45 minutes away, with a limited selection close to the school.


Parents, children and hosts are provided with 24-hour contact telephone numbers for the accommodation agencies and the schools. SKOLA has a dedicated staff member to assist you or your child with any problems or questions regarding accommodation.


Children are asked regularly during their stay about their accommodation, the food and their happiness with the arrangements. All their feedback is read and followed up if necessary and feedback on hosts is recorded and monitored.


Outside the school timetable, students stay with their host. The host will include the student in their normal routines which usually includes shopping trips. Additional excursions can be organised in advance by arrangement. 

Homestay Accommodation

Accommodation arrangement fee: £50

  • Single or Twin room full board (12-16 years) £300 per week per person

  • Special dietary requirements £25 per week

Our full price list is on the Registration form and Price list

Door-to-door Car Service 

We recommend our excellent door-to-door car service to get to school for students 12 years of age or over. Share a taxi with other students or bring your kids to school with you whilst you study next door.


Children under 14 years old and students in homestay must book the car service or be accompanied to and from school by an adult. Children aged 14+ can travel independently to and from school with written permission from their parents.

£250 per person per week from addresses up to 3 miles as the crow flies (see map) or 4 miles driving from the school. For two or more students from the same address we charge £175 pppw.

A typical street in London
Map SKOLA Car Service London

Airport Transfers

We offer airport transfers from all London airports and rail terminals. For safety and security unaccompanied children (under 18) must book arrival and departure transfers. Any alternative arrangements must be communicated in advance to the school. We use Airport Angels to Meet and Greet the students in the arrivals hall, or a named executive driver from Atlas Taxis. Airport Angels or a named driver will also assist with departure check in for unaccompanied children.

Named Driver: £150 each way (up to 3 passengers)

Named Driver and Airport Angel: £200 each way (up to 3 passengers)

Please ensure this document is ready for inspection at the airport for children travelling without their parents.

Consent to Travel for unaccompanied minors.pdf

Airport Angels are available if required for 10-13 year olds
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