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Module 1: Welcome to SKOLA

1. Introduction

As the only English language school in a royal park in London, SKOLA first welcomed students in 1969. Over 50 years of teaching experience goes into our Junior English Summer School in London and our 1:1 online English lessons. Now we welcome over 1000 students from over 60 different countries every year.

2. Our Two Schools

SKOLA has two schools: 
         1. SKOLA Regent’s Park, located at Regents’ University in Regent Park (students aged 9.5-17) 
         2. SKOLA Gloucester /ˈɡlɒstə(r)/ Gate on Regent’s Park Outer Circle (students aged 5-9)

Each week has a theme for the lessons, the half-day trips, and the afternoon activities. Students have English lessons in the morning and practise their English outside of the classrooms by participating in activities like art, sports and excursions. On Friday, each class will present a project to the rest of the school and the project is related to what they have learned during the week. Also, students will have a farewell party and receive their SKOLA certificates. 

At SKOLA Regent’s Park, apart from the lessons, activities, and excursions, our 10-12 year olds follow our London Explorers course to develop their exploring skills. Our 13 - 17-year-olds follow our London Leaders course to develop their leadership skills. Please see the timetable for SKOLA Regent’s Park below(Pic 1):

regents park .png


Students at Gloucester Gate can only go on the Saturday trip if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please see the timetable for SKOLA Gloucester Gate below (Pic 2): 



3. Our Mission, Rules and Values

Our Mission: Learn English and discover other cultures. We hope our students understand themselves and the world around them better. Not only will they learn about British culture from our teachers but also about the cultures of other students on the course.

Our Rules: ready, kind and safe

  • Be Ready: you should be ready to teach, to discipline classes and activities, to manage children’s behaviour, to safeguard children as well as make sure our students are ready to learn, to discover London and other cultures. 

  • Be Kind: you should be kind to kids, to your colleagues and yourself. You should also make sure our students are kind to our staff, to each other and themselves. 

  • Be Safe: You should mitigate risks and make sure our students are safe in the classroom, during afternoon activities and on trips. 


Our Values: Skill, Kind, Open, Language, Adventure

  • Skill: we value skilled educators and learners linking skills and knowledge

  • Kind: we value being kind to ourselves, each other, and our environment  

  • Open: we value being open-minded and welcome different perspectives

  • Language: we value clear and concise spoken, written, and visual communication

  • Adventure: we value exploring new ideas and new places, safely.

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