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Native English teacher w/ 7 years' exp inc Business English.

Hello and welcome to my page on Skola English. I have 7 years of teaching experience and have been working with Skola for the past two years! I am experienced in teaching all levels and ages from A1 –C1 including exam preparation and conversational classes!
I also have lots of experience teaching business English, where I have worked with a number of large companies in Seville such as Sevilla FC and EDP group alongside many clients based in Paris. If you would like a trial lesson please take a look at my timetable and we can get started!

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Adam is an experienced teacher. I like his teaching very much; he is very friendly and patience, our entire exchange is very happy, thank you very much.

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I like his classes very much.His classes make me feel very relaxed and he is very kind.

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Shani heimann


We wanted to recommend the English lessons with Adam, my son learned a lot in a fun atmosphere with games and fun techniques. Adam is a great and diverse teacher, very accessable and available. Highly recommended!

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Thank you Adam for the trial. I look forward learning English with you ,you make a student feel comfortable which makes learning easy.i really appreciate Adam excellent job!

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Adam is a very nice teacher, and he always encourge the student to speak more. The class is very relaxed and youthful.

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Agnese Maria


Adam helped my daughter (13 years old) for her PET B1 Camdridge test and taught her strategies and gave her test tips. She has enjoyed her lessons with him.
Thank you Adam

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Very good

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Adam is an enthusiastic teacher. Classes with him are a mix between learning new concepts and improve your speaking skills. I have enjoying sessions with him!! :)

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