Online English lessons for children

The first Online English lesson was great and Lidia has enjoyed a lot !  Compliments for this great idea (-:                                                   Beata

At home with your children and want them to keep learning? SKOLA's online lessons are now delivered by


A series of one-to-one or two-to-one online lessons with a trained English teacher is the perfect way to develop English at home. We aim to get two students from different countries in a lesson at the same time, especially for intensive courses. We've found this leads to a more natural experience for children.


Teachers use resources from our books and online videos to develop grammar, vocabulary and reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Work is also provided for students to complete between lessons if required.

We use Zoom or LearnCube. Please download Zoom here.


Key Information

  1. Online learning platforms with webcam, chatbox, and whiteboards. Lessons can be recorded for review

  2. Available Monday - Saturday from 9:00 - 18:00 London time.

  3. Each 30-minute lesson is £16: First lesson free as a trial or one lesson free if you book over 10 weeks.

  • 1 lesson per week for 10 weeks = 10 x £16 - £16 = £144

  • 1 lesson per day for 10 weeks = 50 x £16 - £16 = £784

  • 6 lessons per day for 1 week = 30 x £15 - £16 = £434

  • 6 lessons per day for 10 weeks = 300 x £15 - £16 = £4484

  • Intensive English Course is 30min lessons followed by 30 min self-study and break from 9:00am - 3:30pm including subjects like maths and art and visits to online museums in one or two-to-one lessons.


Register below or go to to reserve the best time for you. Once you register Online Lessons will be in touch to set up your first lesson

Sample timetable for Intensive English Course