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Native English teacher with 10 years teaching experience

I have been teaching English as a foreign language for ten years. I am a qualified in Trinity CertTESOL and have taught in mainstream, private language and International schools across Italy. I have experience teaching children, adults, Business English and in exam preparation. Other subjects I teach are English Literature, Media Studies and Theatre Studies.

I love to see my students develop their skills and become more confident. It is the aim to make my students feel relaxed, comfortable and to enjoy their lessons. My lessons are practical, engaging and interactive, through role play and also games for children.

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Anya is a good listener and has the experience to identify my needs. I believe that she will be able to identify the situations that I need to be more fluent in English and develop my skills in this direction.

평균 평점: 5 /5

Desalegn Tesfa


Any ia an excellent and brilliant. So I chose her

평균 평점: 5 /5

Dagnachew Bati


Best for me

평균 평점: 5 /5

Diana SUN


Anya is exceptionally excellent. She demonstrates a high level of expertise and passion in her teaching. The classroom atmosphere is highly engaging and can ignite students' interest. She places a strong emphasis on personalized learning for students, actively monitors their progress, and offers necessary assistance. Her teaching methods are clear and comprehensible, making it easier for students to grasp the English language and culture. In conclusion, Anya is an outstanding English educator.

평균 평점: 5 /5

Meimei Xu


Review for Anya's Teaching:

I am delighted to share my positive experience with Anya's teaching. Her warmth, professionalism, and dedication to her students are truly commendable. She creates a welcoming and engaging environment that allows children to feel comfortable and eager to learn. Anya's expertise and passion for teaching shine through in every lesson, and it's evident that she genuinely cares about the progress and development of her students. My child absolutely adores her and looks forward to every session. I highly recommend Anya as an exceptional English teacher who goes above and beyond to inspire and educate young learners.

평균 평점: 5 /5

Haian Wang


Anya is great! My 5 years old son loves her lesson!
She is full of enthusiasm and extremely patient. Anya`s British accent is awesome.

평균 평점: 5 /5

José Joaquín


Great teacher delivering amazing lessons. My 13 years old daughter enjoyed them very much and improved her English skills with Anya's Monday to Friday lessons over 3 months. Thank you, Anya!

평균 평점: 5 /5

Surendra singh


Beste for me

평균 평점: 5 /5
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