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DELTA qualified native English teacher & Mum with 15 years' exp.

After graduating from university with a Hospitality management degree, I spent half a year in Malawi at The Warm Heart of Africa. It was there that I started my teaching career teaching children from the age of 4 to 16.
On returning I knew I wanted to continue on the pathway of teaching. I studied for my TEFL at St Giles College in Central London near the British Museum. I stayed on at the college to teach exam classes as well as General English courses.
I have worked in London for most of my teaching years. A lot of my experience with children was at SKOLA summer schools which were always busy, exciting and fun! I completed my DELTA at UCL once more returning to central London to teach and study and plan my wedding in 2013 :-)
Now I am the happy mummy of a gorgeous 4 year old girl who keeps me busy climbing trees and jumping on trampolines all in character as we act out Snow White or Frozen scenes!

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Luca Marchesi


We are very happy the way Rebecca is teaching our son Rocco. She is very patient and Rocco can learn and fix all the rules. We are also very happy with the one-to-one on-line lessons. Probably better than a real school course. I recommend the on-line lessons and I also recommend Rebecca. We are certainly going to repeat it in the future. Luca

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After more than 15 online lessons I can strongly recommend Rebecca! She uses different tools and topics to teach English to adapt to our teenager’s behaviors ;-) ! To be mentioned as well she is very flexible to (re) schedule the lessons from one week to the next one if necessary!

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Rebecca is a great teacher. She is teaching English to my 9 year-old son who could barely say hi in English. What I mostly appreciate is her ability to always encourage him saying he's doing a great job, reminding him he can actually make it! She also finds nice and fun activities which he really likes. So, thank you Rebecca!

평균 평점: 5 /5



Very pleased that we have Rebecca to guide my 8 year old daughter's English skills. She makes it fun and enjoyable but also with a bit of strictness so my daughter keep her concentration during the lessons. Very encouraging as well and I am glad to see my daughter actually trying her best in her work. Thank you Rebecca!

평균 평점: 5 /5
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