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Imaginative native English teacher. 4 years' experience. Great with juniors.

My name is Laura. I was born in the USA but have spent most of my life in England. I’m currently studying an MA in TESOL with ICT at the University of Brighton. I also hold a BA in Education Studies and the Trinity CertTESOL qualification. I have 5 years of teaching experience teaching children and adults of all ages and levels. I spent two years teaching English in Taiwan to children between the ages of 4-17. I've also taught on specialist courses including IELTS exam preparation, Business English and English through Drama. I’m able to teach English for Academic Purposes focussing on reading, critical thinking, essay planning and academic writing skills. I absolutely love teaching and am a friendly and imaginative teacher.

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Laura is a cheerful and attentive teacher with really good teaching skills. My five-year-old daughter really enjoys learning english with Laura and have felt comfortable with her teacher from the very first session.

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Laura is such a great teacher, my 10-year-old son loves to have his classes with Laura and he's learning fast. My son is more willing to speak in English and his vocabularies have been increased a lot since he has started his classes about half a year ago. Laura always teaches interesting topics and my son enjoys each class with her, I strongly recommended her!!

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My younger brother is currently having lessons with Laura and she has been amazing with him, we have definitely seen huge improvements on his language since taking these lessons with Laura.

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My both kids 8& 5yrs old are having with lesson with Laura and they enjoy it a lot!She is patient and kind and absolutely fantastic! Thanks Laura!!

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My 7 years old daughter is having lessons with Laura. Absolutely great teacher. She is very diligent throughout the lessons, and great at teaching English learning beginners.Strongly recommend!

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Cho Bumhee


My daughter( 7yrs old) has been taking classes with Laura. I like that my daughter has opportunity to read aloud during each class, and that Laura makes sure to explain new vocabularies and expressions.
My daughter enjoys learning from Laura very much.
Thank you so much for paying attention to what my daughter says, organizing interesting discussion topics, and holding great classes. :)

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Adam K


My 6 years old son has been really enjoying the online lessons with Ms Laura. She is very sweet and kind. Adam gets so excited to do the sessions. She is very good at keeping him interested and engaged. Every lesson is different with wide range of topics that help improve his english language, reasoning skills, reading, and communication.
Thank you for teaching Adam new expressions, vocabularies, and new topics.
Absolutely fantastic!! :)
Highly highly recommend her!!

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Laura is an excellent teacher! My 7-year-old son has been enjoying his online English classes with Laura. He got many opportunities to practice expressing his opinions and asking questions in English. Great learning experience!

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