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MA in Teaching English and Director of Studies. Great lessons.

Languages have always been a passion of mine. I also speak fluent Spanish and Italian. I am interested in language acquisition and I love to see my students progressing. As a language learner myself, I believe students learn better when relaxed and enjoying themselves. I make my lessons fun and I include a variety of skills. I like to tailor my lessons to the student needs, their interest and objectives.
With my extensive experience I am able to provide interesting lessons, including a variety of resources and activities that help my students achieve their goals. I have a degree in English Language and Language teaching and a Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Students Other Languages) and have been teaching English for over 15 years, teaching classes of multi-national students at various levels and in a wide range of settings: including mainstream schools, private language school and kindergarten in various countries including Argentina, Italy, Spain and the UK.
As well as being an English Teacher, I have been fulfilling the role of Director of Studies since 2013 and previously held roles such as Senior Teacher and DOS for various reputable UK language school.

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Channell Fusco


Veronica is a brilliant teacher. She is very patient and systematic in her approach to the lessons she teaches. Her lesson plans are so much fun filled with funky visuals, videos and music, with lots of bright colours. My son is 5 and is thoroughly enjoying learning Spanish with Veronica. I can’t believe how quickly he is picking up the language, he enjoys the challenge, and how excited he is to start his lessons.

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Veronica has greatly helped my daughter's confidence in English with her creative lessons, patience, and flexibility. I have just booked another block of classes with Veronica and would highly recommend her to other young learners. Thank you.

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Norio Yoshida


Very kind and good teacher, flexibly adjusting our needs and our daughter's strong/weak points. Thank you.

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Sandrine Paulmier


Veronica est une très bonne enseignante qui a su adapter les cours au niveau de notre fils de 7 ans. Ses cours sont variés et couvrent un ensemble de connaissances de base, qui lui ont permis de progresser de manière efficace.

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Beata Lubinska


Veronica is a great teacher and my daughter loves having English lessons with her. She is professional and objective driven but at the same time has great personality. My daughter Lidia has learnt a lot from Veronica. My sincere congratulations for Veronica and Skola !

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Veronica is an excellent teacher with a fantastic approach towards children. My daughter loves the lessons with her because she focuses on variety of language skills and at the same time makes them fun. Thank you Veronica.

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Veronica is the best teacher my son has ever had. Her classes are funny and my son loves them. I definitely recommend her. Thank you Verónica.

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Thanks to Veronica and her excellent teaching skills, my nephew made tremendous progress! He is more comfortable with speaking English now and his confidence is visibly improved. I highly recommend studying with Veronica.

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