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Module 2: Our People

In this module, you will meet the managers and other staff of SKOLA. Recognising these people and understanding their responsibilities will help you know who to report or ask when you have questions or issues. 

Ben Profile Pic thin.JPG

Ben Toettcher 

Ben is the Director of SKOLA. If you have a problem with one of the centres or managers or with anything you regard of unkind or unsafe at SKOLA, then speak to Ben. 


He is one of two Mental Health First Aider's at SKOLA.

Ben has 25 years experience of  teaching and management in English Language, National Curriculum, and IB schools. He has a CELTA and DELTM (Diploma in English Language Teaching Management). 


Connor Middleton

Connor is the Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) of SKOLA. He take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection of SKOLA and supports other SKOLA staff members to carry-out their safeguarding duties. He is the one you should report to if you identify any safeguarding issues or concerns.

He is also responsible for PREVENT at SKOLA. He also manages recruitment and staff pay. He is one of two Mental Health First Aider's at SKOLA.

He has a TEFL qualification, a BSc in Psychology in Education, an MA in Education, a PGCE and a DELTA (pending). 

Abigail .jpeg

Abigail Chalhoub

Abigail is the registrar at SKOLA. She handles email inquiries and students registration. She is also the Centre Manager at SKOLA Regent's Park. If a parent ever has a question about their course, direct them to Abigail.


 Abigail has a CELTM (certificate in English language teaching management).


David Stephenson

David is the Director of Studies (DoS) and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at SKOLA Gloucester Gate. He is our Callan expert. He is responsible for the academic side of Gloucester Gate. He is also responsible for trips at Gloucester Gate. 

Lana photo.jpg

Lana Edwards

Lana is the Director of Studies (DoS) for 13-17 year-old students (Upper) at SKOLA Regent's Park. Lana designed the curriculums for the Upper age group at Regents Park and Gloucester Gate. She also designed the Leadership course. She is responsible for the academic staff of Upper Regents Park. 


Malgosia Konieczna

Malgosia is the Director of Studies (DoS) for 10-13 year-old students (Lower) at SKOLA Regent's Park. Malgosia designed the curriculum for the Lower age group at Regents Park. She is also responsible for trips at SKOLA Regents PARK and the academic staff of Lower SKOLA Regents Park. 

Teddy English Teacher_edited_edited.jpg

Edward Chilton

Edward, or Teddy, is the Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS) at SKOLA Gloucester Gate. He is the Friday presentation expert. 

Sophie Harriod Teacher.jpg

Sophie Harrold

Sophie is the Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS) for SKOLA Regent's Park. She is experienced and qualified. So she can offer you help on almost everything.  


Mue Liu

Mue (pronounced as /mu/) is the Social Media Manager and Photographer. Ask her to take photos for your students. 

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