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Summer English programmes for 8-9 year-olds and 10-17 year-olds with English lessons, sports, Discover London trips and visits to other cities in England. The Gloucester Gate school overlooks Regents Park and has easy access to the sights and museums of central London. Our aim is to provide students with a safe and secure environment for learning. Children from more than 40 countries studied with us last year.

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Summary: A video profile of SKOLA Gloucester Gate. With interviews of students, teachers, and principals.
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SKOLA Gloucester Gate
14-15 Gloucester Gate
London NW1 4HG

Joe Waterhouse
+44 (0)20 7387 7575
Email Gloucester Gate

The Gloucester Gate centre is on the edge of Regents Park, close to London Zoo. In the summer some classes are also held at SKOLA Camden nearby. The nearest underground station is Camden Town. 14 Gloucester Gate is part of the historic royal estate surrounding Regents Park built in the Regency style of architecture in the early 19th century.

Close to the museums, attractions and galleries of Central London, SKOLA English Study Tours offers unique English language and cultural programmes for children all year. SKOLA’s adult school, SKOLA English in London also offers a range of courses for adults aged 18+ so that parents and other adult relatives can also study English while their children are at school.

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English courses in London - Gloucester Gate

All our courses combine English classes with sightseeing, cultural visits, physical exercise and social activities appropriate to the age group. Lessons and activities both provide opportunities for learning and English practice in a happy and secure international environment.

English Outdoors gives students opportunities to perform learning tasks and projects under supervision outside the school, such as surveys of shops and local businesses, orienteering and scavenger hunts in Regent’s Park. High ratios of staff supervision on all outside activities means that children are always safe and secure throughout the school day.

In addition to our English language programmes for children, we can provide homestay accommodation, airport transfers and school bus services. Homestays are arranged by partner agencies on behalf of SKOLA English Study Tours. The minimum age for unaccompanied children in homestay is 11 years old. Unaccompanied children younger than 14 years must use the school bus service.

8.1 Young English Studies - Discover London

Class of Students

Class of Students

English and activities programme for 10-17 year-old students. Per week: 15 hours English lessons in international classes of maximum 15 students graded by age and English level and taught by trained teachers of English. End of course certificate and report.

It is a full day programme from 0900 to 1640 with an afternoon programme of sports, art, music and parties as well as a full day Saturday trip (Oxford, Brighton, Canterbury, Windsor, Stratford-on- Avon, Cambridge, Greenwich by boat). The school provides a healthy morning snack and hot lunch.

8.2 English Study Club Summer

This programme is specially designed for younger children aged 8-9 years old to embrace an additional language and encourages English learning through 18 hours per week of exciting activity based lessons in classes of maximum 15 students. Classes are mixed ability with activities and play breaks appropriate to the age group.

8.3 Parent & Child

The course gives an opportunity for both parents and children to study at the same time in central London. Parents study in either Soho or our adult summer school at SKOLA Baker Street. Travel time between the school and Soho (underground or bus), and SKOLA Baker Steet (bus or walking) is between 20 and 30 minutes. Adult courses start one hour later than junior courses.

Sample Timetable - Young English Studies





English Classes



English Classes

Discover London Trip/The London Eye


English Classes



English Classes

Discover London Trip/The British Museum


English Classes

SKOLA’s Got Talent Party


Full Day Excursion to Oxford


Minibus Pick Up Zones

Minibus Pickup Zones Map

Accommodation & Welfare

For more infomation about accommodation and welfare see - Junior Accommodation.


Summer 2012



Sport activities

Discover London excursions


Bus service

Excellent / Good












Needs improvement/ Poor






What have you improved?

The majority of the students improved all skills, especially speaking (over 70%). They also improved grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Top 10 things the students liked about SKOLA English Study Tours

  1. Sports
  2. Discover London excursions
  3. English lessons
  4. Friends/ Meeting new friends/ meeting people from other countries
  5. Staff
  6. Afternoon activities
  7. Food
  8. Bus service
  9. Art
  10. Games in class

What can we improve on?


Student Comments

  • You did for me all that you should do! Thank you! - Polina, 12, Russia
  • It was very good school. I had very good time here. - Ana 11, Georgia
  • SKOLA is great! - Carmen 11, Spain
  • Thank you for good teacher! I like this school very much. - Nastya  13, Russia
  • My speaking is much better now - Diana, 15, Russia
  • I don’t like beans with ketchup and I love SKOLA because the teachers are interesting and easy to understand. - Davide 13, Italy
  • I think the food must be more good and tasty but the other things are perfect I think. I love my new friends and class! - Kaan, 13, Turkey
  • Bus has gone every day on time - Elena, 12, Russia
  • I’m very happy in this school. - Yigit, 10, Turkey
  • The school is friendly and good. - Tarek, 10, Saudi Arabia
  • Andrew, Ani, Mary, Gafur, Eolan and Jose-the best teachers in SKOLA - Mukhtar-Ali, 12, Kazakhstan
  • I like this school. There are many children and the teachers are very friendly! I like lessons and activities! This school is very funny. Thank you!  - Anastasia, 10, Russia
  • This big school is very comfortable and students are friendly. Lunch very nice foods and thanks for the server. - Yerasyl, 12, Kazakhstan
  • I think that the lessons were good and we studied a bit of everything. - Isabela, 15, Portugal
  • I liked every lesson with Sarah because she’s funny and she’s a very good teacher. - Andela, 14 Serbia
  • I always like the first lesson because you meet new people and you talk a lot about you and them. - Chiara, 14, Italy
  • The lessons were perfect because we learned a lot and we had fun too. - Henrietta, 14, Germany
  • This school is very good and this school have good teachers. - Brando, 13, Germany
  • SKOLA should improve the food taste. - Ana, 14, Portugal
  • I can speak better now because I spoke in English almost all the time in this 2 weeks. - Chiara, 14 , Italy
  • I like the football in the park. - Marianna, 17, Italy
  • I’m not shy anymore and I can speak good. I can write what I think. - Phuong, 10 Vietnam
  • I think my speaking has improved because I was with friends who speak English. I think my pronunciation got better because Caroline my teacher spoke slowly and clearly. - Ai, 15, Japan

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Fees Summer 2014

Registration fee for new students


Young English Studies fee per week


English Study Club fee per week


Minibus service Young English Studies (6 day week)


Minibus service English Study Club (5 day week)


Transfers arrival taxi (for up to 3 persons)


Transfer departure taxi (for up to 3 persons, 16+ yrs)


Transfer departure taxi (for up to 3 persons, 15- yrs)


Accommodation Fees

Homestay - single room
(11-15 years) per week


Homestay - twin room
(11-15 years) per week


Homestay - twin room
(16-17 years) per week


Homestay - single room
(16-17 years) per week


Accommodation arrangement fee


Parent & Child accommodation fee per week (1 adult, 1 child)


Parent & Child accommodation arrangement fee


Transfer Fees

Airport transfer Arrival (for up to 3 persons)


Airport transfer Arrival (for up to 3 persons 16+ years)


Airport transfer Departure (for up to 3 persons 15- years)


Course Dates

Summer 2014

Monday 09.06.14 to Saturday 30.08.14