1. Do you accept students throughout the year? Yes. All our schools operate a rolling admissions policy, so will accept students at most times throughout the year space permitting.

  2. When will I receive the confirmation for my course? You will receive the confirmation once we have received full fees, paid 4 weeks before the start of the course. 

  3. Once I have received my confirmation am I able to make changes? Yes, you can make changes but it will all be subject to availability and also this will incur an additional cost of £25 to issue new documents.

  4. How long will it take to improve English to the required level? Each student will progress at a different pace through the programme and their rate of progress will depend on how hard they are prepared to study. The Directors of Studies in all schools keep a close eye on all students and are always available to discuss your / your child’s needs. On average, students progress 1 SKOLA point per week.

  5. Can we all study in the same school? We have separate schools for adults and children within easy reach of each other. All schools are 5 minutes' walk from each other.

  6. At what time will the car service pick-up my child in London? The car service usually picks up students at 8:15. The pick up time depends on the distance of the school and how many children are picked up (max 4)

  7. Do I need a visa? Go to: Students from member states of the European Economic Union DO NOT need visas. Certain others also do not need visas, but it is your responsibility to check on this. We would stress the importance of applying for the visa in good time. During the summer months especially, the application process can take up to 12 weeks or even longer.

  8. How do I know which visa to apply for? Please see: