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Nine Fun Ways to Improve Your English Through Music

Are you tired of feeling like you’re struggling to improve your English skills? One fun and effective way to improve is through music! Here are some tips on how to use music to your advantage (if you don’t feel like reading, watch the video below the list):

  1. Listen to English songs on repeat. Choose songs that you enjoy and listen to them over and over again. This will help you learn new vocabulary and get used to hearing the language spoken naturally.

  2. Sing along with the lyrics. This will help you practise pronunciation and get comfortable speaking English out loud.

  3. Look up the lyrics online and read along as you listen. This will help you improve your reading skills and better understand the words being sung.

  4. Practice listening comprehension by watching music videos. Pay attention to the lyrics and try to understand the story being told.

  5. Attend live music events and try to follow along with the lyrics. This will give you the opportunity to practise listening and understanding English in a real-life setting.

  6. Find English-language music from different countries or regions. This will expose you to different accents and dialects, which will help you become more comfortable understanding a variety of English speakers.

  7. Use music to learn idioms and colloquialisms. Many songs contain unique phrases and expressions that may not be found in a traditional English language textbook. By listening to and understanding these phrases in context, you can expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of informal English.

  8. Participate in karaoke or sing-along events. This will give you the opportunity to practise singing and speaking English in front of an audience, which can help build confidence in your language skills.

  9. Create a playlist of your favourite English songs and listen to it while doing other activities, such as exercising or commuting to work. This will help you become more immersed in the language and make it feel more natural to you.

By using music as a tool for learning, you can have fun while also improving your English skills. So turn up the volume and start singing your way to better English!

This list expands on our previous article called Top 18 Tips for Improving Your English. But music can also help you make new friends with people from around the world. In this youtube video, you can see students at SKOLA performing the cup song. This is from our summer school, in the afternoons we use music and other arts to teach English. This is referred to as topic-based teaching.

Maybe music is one of the reasons students are happy at SKOLA? Parents gave a score of 4.7 out of 5 when asked if their child was happy at SKOLA. They also gave a 4.7 out of 5 for themselves being happy with the school. Why not find out for yourself just how good SKOLA is?

Find out more about our summer school.

This post was written by Connor. Find out more about him here.


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