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Learn about SKOLA's new summer school leadership lessons

Our 13-17-year-olds now have two hours each week of leadership lessons. Our 10-12-year-olds will develop their exploring skills and our 5-9-year-olds will look at discovery skills.

Our students often have entrepreneurs as parents. Our parents want their children to take up positions of influence in their own country. We will therefore start teaching leadership skills in our summer schools for two hours per week.

Leadership is important. The world around us was built by people who had brilliant ideas. But those ideas would not have happened without leaders creating places where great ideas could happen. Leaders don’t always have the answers, but they often ask good questions, based on things that they think should be better.

This course explores some of the dispositions that make leaders great. Sometimes, a leader has to lead from the front, by modeling great habits, solving problems, or creating great teams. Sometimes, they need to analyse what other people are saying, or look at data and understand what to do next.

The lessons happen on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the last period after sport or art. Teachers lead round table discussions on particular aspects of leadership. For example, they may look at critical thinking, which allows leaders to test arguments and make good decisions.

Our younger students will look at exploring and discovery skills to help them prepare for the trips in the week. They will look at how to navigate a city safely and interact with information in a museum in a meaningful way. They will develop their map reading and orientation skills as well as observation and record-keeping skills. These skills will help students with the Friday presentations. They will also give them a framework to go on to become great leaders of the future.

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