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Vikctor shares his experience of learning English in London with SKOLA

Hi ! My name is Vikctor from Hungary and now I’m going to talk about the time what I spent in Skola. I really enjoyed the time I spent here because I got new friends and I could practice my English.

At the beginning I had very little English knowledge without speaking and understanding. My first teacher was Refina (for students just Rufina) who teached me the basics. After this I got so much self-confidence and everything was much easier.

I learned grammar, vocabulary, something about London’s history and more very useful things. Every day we had 3 lessons, one in the morning (with breaks of course).

At 13.00 we got delicious sandwiches (my favourite was the cheese sandwich ) After the lunch-break (it’s a longer break than the other) part of the class went home and the others had two more lessons.

Every week we went once, sometimes twice to a sightseeing or a museum. All the teachers were really funny, friendly and helpful. The way they teached us was very effective and made men learn the basics of English in few weeks time!

I made friends from all over the world and plan to come back soon.


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