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Don’t think, just speak!

SKOLA introduces Callan lessons at SKOLA Gloucester Gate this summer. We know when learning a foreign language, the best practice is to hear, see, and use words many times. Students then grow confident and learn to use the language correctly. This is where the Callan Method excels. In a Callan lesson, there is never a quiet moment, and never time to get bored or lose concentration.

Callan for kids Stage 1

New words and grammar are taught using language students have already learnt. Students immediately practise new material by listening to questions and saying the answers. The teacher helps the students when they speak and corrects mistakes the moment they occur. They do this by imitating (copying) their mistake. The correct form is then said and repeated by the student.

For example, if a student says, “He come from Spain”, the teacher immediately says, “not come - comes”. This helps students to hear the difference between their mistake and the proper form. The student should immediately repeat the correct word and continue with the sentence. Students learn a lot from this way of correcting mistakes. Constant correction results in fast progress. As students progress, new words and vocabulary reappear in different contexts.

Students do not need to understand everything perfectly the first time. As they practice and repeat, the meanings become clearer and easier to understand. The result is that students are soon able to use the new language confidently. The Callan method is fast, fun and effective. Students do not have time to translate into their native language. They constantly use new words and structures when they speak. No time is wasted chatting.

The Callan Method works for all ages and levels. Materials are updated often and always relevant to today’s society. Due to the way the classes are delivered at SKOLA, students can join a class at any point and slot right in. Experience Callan at our SKOLA Gloucester Gate this summer.



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