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How to book your Covid tests

This post will tell you about the quarantine measures the UK has adopted and help you with information on how to book your Covid tests.

All travellers to London who are 5 years old or over, need to have a negative covid test at least 3 days prior to departure from their country. The UK operates a traffic light system that categorises countries based on their domestic covid rates. Therefore, travelers from 'green' countries do not need to quarantine but do need to take a PCR covid test up to 2 days after arrival. Travellers from 'amber' countries need to quarantine at home and take a test after 2 days and after 8 days. They have the option to be released from quarantine after 5 days. To be released after 5 days you need to book a Test to Release test.

Here are the 3 cheapest providers to book your 2 and 8-day covid test, and your optional Test to Release test.

Please note that you should book your travel tests at least 2 weeks in advance to give your provider time to organise delivery of your test kits. Booking shortly before arrival in England may result in your test kits arriving late. You can also book your Test to Release test which allows you to leave quarantine after 5 days.

£105.00 for day 2 and 8 tests:

Tel: +44 (0)20 3301 1100, Email:

£139.00 for day 2 and 8 tests: Click here to book

£72.00 for Test to Release tests. Click here to book

Tel: +44 (0)203 989 8008, Email

£149.00 for day 2 and 8 tests

Range of options for Test to Release

Tel: +44 (0)208 830 0503, Email:

The travel test prices listed are for the provider’s standard service. This includes:

  • both COVID-19 test kits

  • delivery and (where relevant) test swabbing

  • full evaluation of the test samples

  • relevant genome sequencing activities

  • result reporting to the patient

  • data reporting to PHE

See this link for how to conduct the quarantine:

There will be updates as to which countries are green or amber at the beginning of June and at the end of June. It is anticipated that Europe will be 'green' by the end of June.


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