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SKOLA reveals a new mission

SKOLA recently revealed a new mission or 'purpose' of the summer school. Hear Ben, our Director explain the new mission in front of SKOLA Regent's Park. He will also describe our rules and values and how important they are for our Junior English Summer School.

Our Mission

At SKOLA you will learn English and discover other cultures. We hope this will help you understand yourself and the world around you better. Not only will you learn about British culture from our teachers but also about the cultures of other students on the course.

This was in evidence this year as we had students making friends with students from over 50 different countries.

It complements our exisiting rules. These are the principles that help every member of our community in deciding what to do on a day-to-day basis.

  1. To be ready: for our staff to be ready to teach and students ready to learn

  2. To be kind, to ourselves, each other, and the world around us

  3. To be safe: to mitigate risks so we can be adventurous and open to new ideas.

​And finally we have our values which spell SKOLA. These are the things that we hold dear and bind our community together.

  • Skill - We value skilled educators who can develop skilled learners

  • Kind - We value kindness built on mutual respect

  • Open - We value different perspectives to build a strong community

  • Language - We value learning languages to develop good communicators

  • Adventure - We value exploring new ideas and places to keep life fun.

These values help us decide on our priorities each year. These are the things that we do in the winter to improve the summer school next year.

  1. As we value skills, we will develop our training programmes for our teachers this year.

  2. As we value kindness, we will nurture our relationships with our families and agents, and investigate how to reduce the climatic impact we have on the world.

  3. As we value openness to new ideas, we will discover and implement new ideas in teaching and learning in our next summer school.

  4. As we value languages, we will develop our knowledge of English as well as commit to learning other languages to communicate better.

  5. As we value a spirit of adventure, we will look to open a new summer center next year to offer our families a better learning environment for a longer period.



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