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10 points to keep safe for level tests and online lessons

  1. My name is Ben, the Director at SKOLA. You can contact with any questions regarding your lessons. Our WhatsApp is +44 7340 516781 and landline Tel: +44 20 7387 7575 if you want to contact us between UK office hours. Or you can message me at any time, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can read our safeguarding policy which has extra information here.

  2. A SKOLA teacher will be in touch before your trial or first lesson, to say Hi and give you a Zoom link. If you have not received an email 1 hour before email or message me and I will chase the teacher. Expect an email like and check your spam or All Mail folder. You can also reply to the automatic email and our admin will forward to the teacher.

  3. Create a Zoom account and download the Zoom application (although zoom will work through a browser). You can do that at You can watch a 10-minute video on how to use the platform here. You will be given a dedicated recurring lesson link with a password for your lessons. Students will be admitted into the lesson from a waiting room by the teacher when they are ready, and they will lock the meeting room so no one else can join. You will be muted on joining so unmute yourself when you are ready.

  4. Our teachers have all gone through a thorough recruitment process which includes interviews, taking references and background checks. They all have university degrees, teaching qualifications and many years’ experience working in an accredited school. Please contact the designated safeguarding lead Ben Toettcher at if you have any concerns about your teacher.

  5. We ask for the lesson to take place in a quiet living room where other members of the family can keep an eye on the student and help them if required. Students should not be in their bedroom for the lesson. Do not contact teachers on a private channel. Email the teacher on their work email if you need to. In your first lesson, your teacher will go through how to stay safe online, how to behave online, what to do in the event of a problem and any consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

  6. Your teacher will evaluate your level in the trial lesson or level test. This includes speaking to the teacher, reading a passage, and answering a few grammar questions. Towards the end of the session discuss with your teacher how many lessons per week you want and find a time with them when you are both free. You can then buy the package from the online lessons page and leave a review after the trial or after a few lessons on their page. Online lessons are a great way to prepare for a summer course.

  7. In the lessons, make sure your speakers are at 50% and check your microphone is on. You can perform a test from the up button next to the microphone symbol on the left of the bar.

  8. Our teacher will often share their screen with you as part of the lesson. They can also communicate with words via the chatbox. You can ask the teacher and record the lesson for private use. You can also ask for a copy of the chat to be sent to you. Bring a notepad or another computer to the lesson to make notes in.

  9. Please tell your teacher, or me, at least 48 hours' notice before a lesson if you cannot make it, and we will try to rearrange it with you. If you do not give 2 days’ notice you will use up a lesson from your package. Finally, if you are not happy with any lesson email me at and we will give you the option to switch your teacher or your money back.

  10. Finally, if you have any concerns about any online activity you can contact the police through their Child Exploitation and Online Protection command:

Enjoy your online work with us and other platforms safely.

Best wishes,



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